A layered approach to endpoint security is crucial in the current cybersecurity scenario. We must assess our vulnerabilities and design a solution that leverages effective security solutions to plug said vulnerabilities. Securing our endpoints from cyber threats is a critical part of securing your organisation’s network. Yes, network perimeter security solutions do secure the boundaries between your internal network and your service provider’s network, but, there is still the risk of malware infiltrating your internal network via endpoints.


Evaluate your needs

We must start with understanding what our business requirements are in choosing the best endpoint security solution.


1. Capacity and Scalability

For big organisations, the potential to manage a large number of users from the get-go is must in the endpoint solution. For them, capacity is a vital factor to consider. And another key consideration is Scalability for businesses preparing for rapid growth. Whether they are a small business, start-up or large and established enterprises.


2. Sector

Choice of endpoint security solutions could be influenced by the Regulatory requirements of the company. As the government and military sectors have extremely strict security policies and requirements which need to follow by the company. Similarly Technology, Healthcare and Finance have a different kind of regulations. Industries which are highly targeted by hackers must decide to use robust endpoint security protection surpassing the minimum regulatory requirements.


3. Budget

Endpoint security is essential when it comes to securing an enterprise’s data, but budget considerations have forced many IT leaders to compromise on security features.

Though all enterprise experience this, large firms heavily invest in endpoint security as they have the financial capability and inclination. Another side, small and medium-sized businesses mostly opt for an inexpensive solution which is capable of helping them to reduce risk, accelerate growth, and overcome business challenges due to smaller IT budgets and need.


4. Company work policies

Company’s work policies is another factor to consider when determining the right endpoint solution, for instance, if employees are allowed to work remotely. There must be a remote work policy, you should look for an endpoint product that allows secure remote access.


Once you are done with evaluating your needs now look for key components of Endpoint Security


Key Components of Endpoint Security

When you compare an endpoint solution, you need to check deeply that exactly what you will be receiving for your investment. Some service provider claims to offer a complete suite but may actually they may be lacking certain components that other options include.

Here are the main elements to look for:


  • Data Controls – Endpoint Security System must include tools that help to prevent data leaks and improve data security with encryption of sensitive information.


  • Application Controls – Endpoint Security System must involve integration with application servers to monitor and limit the kind of endpoint access they have.


  • Browser Protections – Endpoint security systems must include a web filter option so that you can choose what types of sites your users are allowed to access while connected to the network.


  • Network Controls – The endpoint security system must function like a comprehensive firewall that filters all incoming traffic and identifies potential risks.


  • Device Protection – Endpoint Security System must include antivirus and malware protection for both computers and mobile devices like phones and tablets, protecting against attacks like ransomware.


Once you narrow down your options and determining which security products are best suited for your organization, do a small research to make sure that the products have a decent reputation. Since prevention is the main priority, the best endpoint security solution is one that can protect organizations from different kinds of malware, APTs, and zero-day threats. So the best Endpoint Security Systems is which is with the right mix of prevention capabilities. Now a day when a sophisticated cybercrime is growing rapidly, organizations need endpoint security solutions containing next-gen security capabilities.


Hope this is helpful to select the best Endpoint Security System for your organisation. In the next blog, we will discuss different types of endpoint protection. If you like this please share with your friends and colleagues.